Pergolesi La serva padrona “Ah quanto mi sta male”
Harpsichord roll, Solo male recit, then female recit, little accomp. in speaking
Pergolesi La serva padrona “Son imbrogliato io”
in 2 Active unison orchestra, harps+strings, Very active, melismatic bass solo
Hasse Clefide “Digli ch’io son fedele”
In 4, moderate tempo, Elegant, String orchestra, Constant quarter note in bass, Soprano comes in on second track, singing title of piece
Gay Beggar’s Opera “My heart was so free”
Spoken English, Female and male, 6/8 once singing starts male singing
Gay Beggar’s Opera “Were I laid on Greenland’s Coast”
Spoken English, female and male, 4/4, male sings, then female.
Gluck Orfeo ed Euridice
Unison “Ta-da” twice in full orchestra, echoed by oboe with a full line, completely silence, then another “ta da” at higher pitch level
Scarlatti Sonata in D Major
Harsh harpsichord chords on down beats, In 3, Major, Followed by more contrapuntal section
CPE Bach Sonata in A Major
Sounds like a very old recording of a fortepiano, minor, ornamentation, very slow
Sammartini Symphony in F Major
Allegro-Moderato(ish) In 4, Major, String orchestra w/ harpsichord, Unison “1 2 3 (rest) 1 2 3 (rest) &1&2&3”-then faster passage with divided lines
Stamitz Sinfonia in Eb Major
Allegro 4/4, Major, Call and response, 1 2 3 (rest) & 1&2&3, Starts with rapid homophonic chords
JC Bach Harpsichord Concerto in Eb Major
Moderate tempo 4/4, Fortepiano with strings, constant quarter note pulses in piano, moving up a scale every 2 notes, I I V I
Haydn Symphony in G Major I. Adagio-Allegro Spiritoso
Slow, 3 quarters of string orchestra, harpsichord comes in on 4 with rolled arpeggio. Elegant, Multiple moments of silence
Haydn Symphony in G Major II. Adagio Cantabile
4/4, slow, Strings, with light harpsichord, 2 measures and then silence on 4th beat. Later flutes and horns join
Haydn Symphony in G Major III. Menuetto: Allegretto
Major, Full orchestra, In 2, Compound meter, sounds like a dance.
Haydn Symphony in G Major IV. Presto
Fast, 4/4, Octave constant bass under first just violins, second time with flutes,
Haydn String Quartet (the Joke)
6/8 Major, rapid abnoxious melody that’s repeated a ton of times, strings
Mozart Piano Sonata in F Major
3/4 Major, Piano, alberti bass in left, painfully Mozart.
Mozart Piano Concerto in A Major
4/4 Moderate tempo, Major, strings to start, flute & clarinet join melody second time through
Mozart Don Giovanni Scene 1
Low Strings 1&2&3(do sol do sol do) 4(scale) then baritone comes in singing
Mozart Don Giovanni Scene 2
Starts with speech in Italian, with sporatic piano chords under it,