Traite de l’harmonie
*Rameau’s treatise is one of the most influential of all theoretical works. *He studied music empirically and used rational principles in his explanations. *He codified practices observed by his contemporaries, especially Corelli. *His concepts became the basis for teaching harmony
The Art of Fugue
*This collection systematically demonstrates all types of fugal writing. *It has eighteen canons and fugues based on the same subject. *The collection is arranged roughly in order of increasing complexity.
A Musical Offering
This collection has a three- and a six-part ricercare for keyboard and ten canons based on a theme proposed by Frederick the Great. Bach added a trio sonata for flute (Frederick’s instrument), violin, and continuo and dedicated the work to the king.
Goldberg Variations
*The theme is set to a sarabande rhythm. *The thirty variations preserve the bass and harmonic structure of the theme.
The Well-tempered Clavier
*There are two separate publications; each consists of twenty-four preludes and fugues. *The pairs of movements are in all of the major and minor *keys.