Mass: Kyrie
Melismatic generally on the vowel [E], Men’s Choir, Unison, Long lines
Mass: Gloria
Syllabic, men’s choir, unison, scale generally left by a leap
Mass: Credo
Mostly Syllabic, occassionally neumatic, men’s choir unison, Half step upper neighbor (up and then back down)
Mass: Sanctus
Combination of Melismatic and syllabic, scalar, occassionally left by arpeggiated figure down
Mass: Agnus Dei
Mostly syllabic, solo male followed by men’s unison choir
In principio omnes
Men and women’s voices in unison, instrumental drone, fairly high set
Can vei la lauzeta mover
Male solo, very lyric, almost Italian
A chantar
Solo female, almost Enya-like, celtic sounding
Robins m’aime
Plucked guitar intro, played female solo voice, pure voice- very airy and light, chime accompament later
La quarte estampie royal
strictly instrumental, dance like
Jubilemus exutemus
Two male voices, bottom line holding original chant, upper with discant
Sumer is icumen in
Old English, sounds Irish, four men, all similar parts, “Sing coocoo”
In Arboris/Tuba Sacre fidei/Virgo sum
Three men, two high voices, one drone as tenor line, dotted rhythm, sounds major
Kyrie, Messa de Notre Dame
All men, high male countertenor, Slow moving lines, long melisma on on vowel [e], distinctive leading tone cadence
Rose, liz, printemps, verdure
Men and women, soprano on top, syncopation, almost sounds major, distinctive leading tone cadence
Non avra ma pieta
All women’s choir, high set, syncopation, ringy sounding lower female voice