Florentine camerata
Group of scholars who debated music and drama, advocating text over music, promoting monody *Included Rinuccini and Peri * Believed that Greek tragedies were sung in their entirety.
Le nuove musiche
Series of solo songs with basso continuo parts, by Caccini, including madrigals and airs
family of instruments for which music was written
Literary text for an opera or other musical stage work
Opera by Monteverdi, first great opera composition
Cori spezzati
Since the time of Willaert, composers used split choirs. Specifically in St. Mark’s for concertos. Largely homophonic.
Fiori musicali
By Frescobaldi, 3 Organ Masses, *Include toccata before the mass *Included ricercare
Sacrae symphoniae
G. Gabrieli, one of the most significant early pieces. *One of first instrumental pieces to give specific instrumentation *Earliest indicator of dynamics
tragedie lyrique
*Dramatic opera for which Lully and Quinault was known for.
Vingt-quatre Violons du Roi
24 strings of the king—one of the premiere ensembles of the king