Doctrine of Ethos
One’s ethical character or way of behaving—music has power over people, both emotionally and physically
Describe the status of music in Greek society
It was very important in society, became part of the education system. It was played at significant events. To be culturally accepted, you needed to be versed in music
How is chant classified?
1. Text 2. Manner of performance (antiphonal, responsorial, direct) 3. Text (syllabic, melismatic, neumatic)
What are the 5 main parts of the ordinary of the mass?
List the 7 individual parts of the Proper of the Mass
*Introit *Collects *Epistle *Gradual *Alleluia *Offertory *Communion
List the 2 most significant parts of the office
*Matins *Vespers
Describe the the organization of the orignal 8 medieval modes.
a total of 8 modes, they were numbered and grouped in pairs. *Authentic modes: odd numbers ascended from the finalis *Plagal modes: even numbers circled around or went below the finalis.
What are the 3 types of Formes Fixes, and what is their form?
virelai-A bba A
Ballade-3 stanzas, aab ending with refrain
Rondeau-ABaAabAB (Caps refrain, lowercase new text set to music from refrain)
What 3 types of form are included in the Squarcialupi Codex?
madrigal-Generally aab
caccia-One voice chases other in rata (canon)
ballata- AbbaA