Quam pulchra es
All men, homophonic, open fifths, mostly homophonic, starts out major but has shifts melodic. Hard to chose a meter. Slow tempo
De plus en plus
3 men, One primarly melody line–higher male voice mostly major modulates to minor for short time at which time meter shifts slightly, other voices on [i], 6/8
Mass Se la face ay pale: Gloria
Men voices. Essentially only male polyphonic piece with no accompaniment, Latin starts with 2 voices with countermelodies, one higher, the other average, later 2 other voices, one with long lines in the bass. Syncopations, Sections very melismatic, Major, later section much slower,
Pope Marcellus Mass: Agnus Dei
Mixed Chorus, 6 voices, transparent texture, bright tone, slow moving legato lines, major, largely syllabic–syllables just move slowly.
Ave Maria…virgo serena
Mixed chorus, largely polyphonic high set, and low set for men, echos by each of the voices, relatively slow, long lines, major, generally duet between two upper parts, followed by duet in two lower voices, continuous lines
Mass Pange Lingua: Kyrie
Mixed chorus, polyphonic, major mostly, Very rhythmic, Text very obvious, first section quick with separated lines, second section more drawn out legato lines-minoresk, Dotted rhythms, sequential lines
Se la face ay pale
Men chorus, one high male, horn accompaniment, major, echoing between 2 voices
Ein’ feste Burg
“A Mighty Fortress is Our God” in German, unison men and women
“Io parto” e non piu dissi
Mixed chorus, Mostly homophonic, when not homophonic, very sporatic echoings in voices, very chormatic, faint plucked instrumental accompaniment
My Bonny Lass She Smileth
Mixed Chorus, Major Clear Syllabic stress, English, “fa la la,” each stanza repeated twice
Flow, my tears
Lute accompaniment, Soloist sounds like cross between Jessica and girl from LOTR, minor
Sing Joyfully unto God
Mixed Chorus, largely polyphonic, English, happy, pairings of voices, “Blow the trumpet,” echoed by voices, motive generally repeated throughout voices, “God of Jacob”
I bianco e dolce cigno
Mixed Chorus, Major, Mostly homophonic, if not 2 or 3 voices together as other one embellishes, not very high set, moderato tempo, Bass rich pure tone, slightly Italianate
As Vesta was Descending
Mixed Chorus, Moderato tempo Polyphonic, with pairing of female voices, When not polyphonic, text echos throughout, “running down the lane” “two by two, three by three” Text painting