Magnus Liber Organi
Compilation of responsorial chants which hold a 2-voice setting, put together by Leonin
Musica enchiriadis
Music handbook from about the 9th century, demonstrated that polyphony was prevalent in the medieval era.
Ars Nova
Gives French overview of what was occurring in the 14th century arts *Style of POLYPHONY from fourteenth-century France, distinguished from earlier styles by a new system of rhythmic NOTATION that allowed duple or triple division of NOTE values, SYNCOPATION, and great rhythmic flexibility.
Roman de Fauvel
Narrative Poem about an idiot donkey who raises to power; includes 169 pieces of music, several which are monophonic, and 30 motets
Messe de Nostre Dame
Written by Machaut, first complete polyphonic setting of the ordinary of the mass by a known composer
Squarcialupi Codex
Manuscript which includes 350 pieces of polyphonic music from 12 composers—includes portraits of composers. *Includes madrigal, caccia, and ballata