Motto Mass
polyphonic mass in which the movements are linked primarily by sharing the same opening motive or phrase
Cantus Firmus/Tenor Mass
Preexisting chant used as the basis for the ordinary of the mass, melody not necessarily from sacred works *Superius, Contratenor Altus, Tenor, Contratenor Bass
Cyclic Mass
it uses a single cantus firmus in the tenor for every movement
Parody Mass
Mass borrowed from several lines of another piece of music *The resemblance is strongest at the beginning and end of each movement. *It replaced the cantus firmus Mass as the dominant type around 1520.
Paraphrase Mass
polyphonic mass in which each movement is based on the same monophonic melody, normally a chant, which is abbreviated in most or all voices rather than being used as a cantus firmus in one voice.
German Mass
adopted by some smaller churches, published by Luther in 1526. It followed the main outline of the Roman Mass. Most elements of the Proper and Ordinary were replaced with chorales.
Free Mass
Mass based entirely on newly composed material.