Johnann Christian Bach
Mozart met him in London, and he made an important and lasting impression on Mozart, taking a wide range of genres and envented them with new themes
Prince Paul Anton Esterhazy
Haydn had a contract with him that was very strict limited him to give away compostions, later it became more relaxed: Was the most powerful Hungarian familieds
Nicholas(THe magnificant)
Brother of Paul Anoton Esterhazy, and succeded him in title in 1762, Haydn was composer at his death.
Nicholas II
Succeeded Anoton, Didn’t care about Haydns music, just enjoyed the wealth and fame
Nicola Porpora
Haydn took lessons from him in Composition, famous It. composer and singing teacher serves as accompanist and assistant
Ludwig von Kochel
Listed and numbered chronologically in a thematic catologue more than 600 compostions by Mozart
Pache Giovanni Battista Martini
Mozart studied counterpoint with him in Bologna
Domenico Cimarosa, Antonio Salieri, Georg Benda,
opera composer 18th cent.
Ignaz Holzbauer, Luigi Boccherini
Instrumental composer of 18th cent.
Franz Sxavier Sussmayr
Finished the Requiem of Mozarts at his death was a pupil and collaborarter of Mozart
Muzio Clementi, Jan Ladislav Dussek
Inspired Beethoven’s works
antonio Salieri
Beethoven recieved Lessons in vocal composition from him, he lived in Vienna since 1766
Johann Georg Albrechtsberger
Beethoven studied counterpoint for a yer w/hm. one of leading teachers of his day
Johann Solomon
Impresario and violinist, Haydn conducted concerts and wrote 12 new London symhonies under him
Carl Czerny
studied piano w/Beethoven & enjoed a succesfull areer in Vienna composing many studies and other wks. for the piano