Alan Freed
Radio DJ (New york; WINS Radio)
Aretha Franklin
Queen of Soul
The beach boys
best selling male group in the 1960s
the Beatles
Sgt. and pepper (most famous album) most creative group.
The kinks
hard rock band
The animals
known for “House of the Rising Sun”
Jefferson Airplane
Acid Rock
Marvin Gaye
Motown singer
The Supremes
Top selling female group in the 60s
Berry Gordy
producer of motown singers
Big Mama Thorton
Blue singer best know for “Hound Dog”
Bill Monroe
sings Blue grass hill billy country
bob dylan
song writer
buddy holly
richie valens
died in plane crash; sings la bama
chuby checkers
“the twist”
chuck berry
sings rock and roll and a great rock and roll guitarist.
elvis presley
king of rock
eric clapton
british guitarist
fat domino
2nd best seller after elvis from new orleans
charlie parker
bob marley
western country music;regal
Hank Willian sr.
country singer
kitty wells
honky tonks
james brown
“god father of soul”
janis joplin
covered ball of chains (big mama thorton)
jimi hendrix
started the electric guitar
little richards
end music career to become a preacher. had an outrageous personality
louis jordan
played boogie woogie, swing, and rock and roll
muddy waters
hoochie goochie man
willie nelson
progressive country
Nat king cole
one of the most successful black singer. a piano player but is better at singing
“pay to play”
phill spector
accused for murder. ended up in jail
song producers
fast pace jazz style
ray charles
jazz and blues singer
rolling stones
rock band
ruth brown
one of the most famous female black singer in the 50s. best know for “mama he treat your daughter wrong.”
wall of sound
phill spector
radio station in new york; alan freed
radio station in nashville, Tennessee; alan freed