Avant Garde
– Often highly dissonant
– Often Highly Complex

Composers: Elliot Carter

Charles Ives
• Often highly dissonant
• Complex or simple
• Polyrhythms
Mainstream Concert Music
• Modern sound
• Reaction to Avant-garde & Great Depression
Composers: Copland, Barber, Still
• Composer Oriented
• Performer Oriented
Composers: Cage
New Virtuosity
• Unprecedented demands made on performer
• Performer is often required to use unconventional techniques
Composers: Babbitt, Oliveros
• Steady pulse
• Slow rate of change
• Highly Repetitive
Composers: Terry Riley, Glass
(Song “In C”)
New Romanticism/Postmodernism
• Return to tonality
• Steady Pulse
• May refer to past styles
Composers: Rochberg, Bolcom