tasks of a film composer


  1. communicate specific message and/ or emotion while maintaining an engagement with the view
  2. write atmospheric/ coloristic music at a specific/ determined speed to coincide with the speed of the film
  3. most composeres create 2-3 minutes of music per day


  1. trailer composers have to compose original music for every type of trailer (30 seconds to 4 minutes in length)
  2. must capture excitment and mood appropriately
  3. must SELL the movie in given time

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4 parts to the SCORE

(developing concept of the score)

  1. period (historic – instrument choices)
  2. location and ethnic background of movie
  3. type of characters leading the film
  4. overall dramatic theme of movie

titles music

-establishes style of movie before it starts

-must set mood correctly

4 methods of synchronizing picture with sound

  1. punch and streamer method
  2. stop watch method
  3. click track method
  4. SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers)


music editors responsibilites:
preparing spotting notes for composer (timings and music cues)
orchestrator’s responsibilites:

takes piano sketch from composer and

turns it into a finished piece of music

Dubbing =
= the final mix
3 ongoing audio tracks need to be mixed onto one compostie track:

  1. dialogue track (stem)
  2. SFX track (stem)
  3. music track (stem)

foreign distributors may want to keep the ____ and ____ while replacing the dialogue only
foreign distributors may want to keep the music and SFX while replacing the dialogue only
dialogue mizer upholds the golden rule
often dialogue is _____ in studio
often dialogue is re-recorded in studio
Foley Artist
a Foley Arist used to recreate footsteps in any environment
sound designer

may be used to recreate some effects if Foley can’t do it


music mixer

dubs the music onto the film


Wild Recording
has no syncronizing