two main people in charge


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manages production of film; hiring, financial, schedule etc.



makes the movie; from location to actors, action to music. answers to the producer

spotting session

composter and dirctor

meet to view and discuss the music, etc.

temp track
version of music complied from previous soundtracks to convey the mood of the film
assembly cut

organizing all scenes in correct order.

usually longer than the final cut

rough cut

this version is cut to within 5-15 minutes of final verious length.

often used for reviewing the ‘flow’ of the movie.

fine cut

(“locked cut”): final version shown in theaters.

music is usually added to the fine cut.

answer print

film and music combined.

once approved this version gets duplicated for distribution.

music cue

portion of film requiring music.

(usually identified using numbers)

music is considered _______ (after the film is made)
music is considered post-production (after the film is made)

how much is a music budget?

what did it used to be? when?

1.5% – 2.5% of total film budget is used towards the music.

(used to be 3% – 5% in 40’s and 50’s)

what is needed for the music part of a film? (8 parts)

  1. rehersal time needed (difficult score?)
  2. musicians needed
  3. source music (license fees often expensive)
  4. recording time on scoring stage
  5. pre-recording (music needed dring filming e.g. instrument played by actor, music for dance scene, etc.)
  6. mixing – recording studio time
  7. orchestrators
  8. music copyists

all composeres & publishers belong to what 3 angencies?

what are they called?




(performance royalty societies)

what do the performance royaly societies do?
they collect fees that are paid for use of the music (ex: license fees)

orchestrate the music given by composer

for the intended ensemble to perform