Behavioral Disorders

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-Conduct disorder

-Oppositionally Defiant


-Attention Problems/immaturity

-Socialized aggression

-Psychotic behavior

-Motor excesses



Behavior Disorders

(teaching strategies)

-Give clear, uncomplicated instructions

-Make eye contact and use her name (not anonymous)

-Define behavior expectations and be consistent in consequences

-Use fun activities as rewards for doing less fun activities

-think in terms of “do” instead of “don’t”

-approval over disaproval. catch them being good

Intellectual Disabilities


-a state of functioning (high/low)

-IQ lower than 70

-adaptive behavior limitations in at least two areas:

conceptual skills

social skills

practical skills

Intellectual Disabilities

(teaching strategies)

-partial participation

-give simple instructions in few steps

-give information in visual/kinesthetic ways too

-lessen output (fewer notes/questions to answer)

-adapt skill level, simplify music

-adapt time in activities 

-adapt instruments