Manuel De Falla

Nights in the Gardens of Spain

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The Three-Cornered Hat

Wicked Love

Franz Waxman


Rear Window

Sunset Boulevard


Isaac Albeniz

Suite Iberia

Suite Espanola 

Piano Concerto Fantastico

Isaac Albeniz
Child prodigy as a piano player
Joaquin Rodrigo

Fantasia para un gentilhombre 

Guitar Concerto de Aranjuez

Who moved to Budapest and studied with Franz Lizst?
Isaac Albeniz
Felipe Padrell
Important professor who became a guide in the search of genuinely Spanish musical expression
Who wrote Zarzuela Pepita Jimenez?
Isaac Albeniz
Joaquin Turina
Danzas Fantasticas

Oracion del Torero 

Sinfonia Sevillana 

Joaquin Turina