Mechanical Royalty Rate
9.1 / .091 or 1.75 per min of playing time
Publishing Split
50/50 between songwriter and publisher
Co-publisher agreement
(50+25)+25 split
Controlled Composition Clause
Record Label pays 75% of current royalty rate to songwriter and publisher
to the writer’s advantage
publisher unable to record song, incomplete royalty statements burdened with other songs
cure the defaults
Full Line Pub.
all types of music; large entertainment conglomerate
Independant Pub.
not associated with large cong.
Record Company Affiliates
Publisher owned by the label (much criticism)
Artist-owned company
no print, limited to artists own composition
writer-owned company
no print, writer sets up pub. company to get his songs published
educational field
music for students, schools, and colleges. “bench packs”
Speacialty Publishers
handles one type of music
Concert Music
opera, ballet, choral, church, rental parts
Harry Fox Agency
wholly owned subsidiary of NMPA licences largest % of music
American Music Conference not for profit funded by NAMM to keep music in schools
Subpublisher, licensees, selling agents
used interchangebly
at-source deal
based on actual income earned in foreign territory, favorable to songwriter
reciepts-basis deal
based on income recieved by US publisher after deductions. unfavorable to songwriter
Professional Manager
tuneplugger, songplugger, discover and sign new writers
Professional Manager is to Publishing
A is to the Record Label
Lyric Doctors
music editors qualified to polish lyrics
Joint Administration
two or more publishers administer licenses and collect royalties
not ownership of copywrite % from recording usually paid to producer or studio for determined time period.