·       “to color” the starting point, sets the mood of a piece.

Classical instrument genre that combines elements of chamber music and symphony, often preformed I the evening or at social functions.

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·       Classical instrumental genre for chamber ensemble or soloist, often performed as light entertainment.


·       leading musical center of Europe in Classical period

text or script of an opera, oratorio, cantata, or musical, written by a librettist.
Solo vocal declamation that follow the inflections of the text, often resulting in a disjunct vocal style.

·       a plucked instrument with 6 strings and many side and sympathetic strings.

Rocket theme

·       Quickly ascending rhythmic melody used in Classical-era instrumental music; the technique is credited to composers in Germany.

Scherzo (Trio)  ABA, 

3rd movement: ·       Replaced the minuet and trio in the 19th century.


Military Symphony
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Coda – where in symphony
Recapitulation, where in symphony?
3rd section
Minuet (Trio) ABA, 3rd movement
A= Minuet, B=Trio
Opera buffa

·       comic opera

“Fate knocks at the door”
Beethoven 5th
Opus (Op.)– 
A number often part of the title of a piece, designating the work in chronological relationships to other works by the same composer.
Kochel (K.)– 
Refers to the catalogue number in Mozart’s output, determined by Ludwig Kochel.
cyclical form

·       Structure in which musical material, such as a theme, presented in one movement returns in later movement.

dates of Classical period 
composers of Classical period
Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven
Who was Prince Esterhazy and what was Esterhaza

·       the family that supported Hayden

Piccolo and trombone new in Classical orchestra
development section where in symphony? 
2nd section
Rondo (ABACA), what movement? 
Last movement

·       set of hand drums.


·       Virtuosic solo passage in the manner of improvisation, preformed near the end or an aria or movement of a concerto.

Turkish Janissary band instruments
cymbals, triangle, drums
Choral Symphony 

·       Beethoven 9

over 100 symphonies
40 symphonies
 9  symphonies
Sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa

·       do re mi fa so la ti do

two types of Italian opera

·       opera buffa and opera seria

Mozart’s 3 comic operas

·       The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni and Cosi fan tutte

Absolute music

·       Music that has no literary, dramatic, or pictorial program.

London Symphonies
sequence of movements in a concerto