Characteristics of Romantic Music




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1.       Individuality of Style

2.       Expressive aims and Subjects

3.       Nationalism and Exoticism

4.       Program Music

5.       Expressive Tone Color

6.       Coloful harmony (Greek: Chroma, which brings about chromatic)

7.       Expanded Range of Dynamics, Pitch, and Tempo (rubato)

8.       Form: Minature and Monumental Thematic  transformation—Beethoven was the pioneer

Franz Schubert (1797-1828)




1.       Wrote 9 symphonies

2.       22 piano sonatas

3.       Known as a composer of songs of liter

4.       Gift for melody



Erlkonig Characteristics



1.      The narrator: middle range in minor mode.

2.      The Father: low range both minor and major modes

3.      The son: high range in minor mode, representing the child’s fear

4.      The Elf King: Moves up and down……

Niccolo Paganini (1782- 1840)



Franz Shubert

1. First Viennese composer whose income came entirely from musical composition.

2. Even as a child, he had extraordinary talents

3. He won a scholarship to an exclusive boarding school when he was 11 (he was a choirboy in the court chapel)

4. He uses imaginative harmonies and wrote many variations on his songs

Erlkonig (The Erlking; 1815)
Schubert’s song: One of the earliest and greatest examples of musical romanticism.
Robert Schumann


1. He loved literature

2. At the age of 20, he decided to become a piano virtuoso but soon after that, his hopes were dashed due to his permanently damaged right hand.

3. Nevertheless, he persevered and wrote basic music.

4. He married Clara Wieck, his teacher’s daughter. She was an amazing and well- known pianist….but 10 years youngerr!!!!!!