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The medieval church modes gradually gave way to the


_________ and _________ scales in the middle baroque.

Handel, Bach

The two musical giants of the baroque were ____

and ____.

basso continuo or figured bass


A bass part together with numbers (figures) specifying

the chords to be played above it, characteristic of the

baroque, is called _______

terraced dynamics

The alternation between soft and loud

dynamics in baroque music is known as____________



A section that sounds fairly complete and independent

but is part of a larger composition is called a _______.

early barouque


One of the most revolutionary periods in music history

 was the___________.

homophonic texture

The early baroque was characterized by________.

diffusion of the style into every corner of Europe

The middle baroque was characterized by


A popular keyboard instrument in which sound was produced by

means of brass blades striking the strings was the

_____________in baroque usage refers to emotional states of moods of music.