Quote: The most influential and prolific composer in the creation of the Baroque concerto: wrote more than 450 concertos
Antonio Vivaldi
Italian for refrain; a short musical passage in a Baroque concerto grosso invariably played by the tutti; a section
Water music

Played along the river of the River 10

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composed for public entertainment

King’s Barge
50 in number on the musician barge
Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 Notes

Ritornello Theme: Part A

Solo: Section 1

Song is harpsichord


Quote: George Frideric Handel

Most famous composer in Europe and a national institution in England

Reputation continued to increase after his death

Perhaps the finest composer for chorus who ever lived

Quote: Johann Sebastian Bach

During his lifetime known more as a great organist than a composer

Brought the cantata to the highest point of development

The greatest composer of contrapuntal music in the history of western music

Role of percussion in Baroque Era
improvised, made up own rhythms, used for a more festive atmosphere
2 instruments not in Baroque era
Trombone and Tuba
Oratorio Chart;

Purpose: Sacred entertainment

Performance location: Theatre

Performance style: Concert style

Subject: Biblical subjects

Musical form: Recitative, De capo aria, Chorus

Accompaniment: Orchestra

Quote: Age of Reason

also known as Enlightenment;

The Age of Reason ultimately gave way to the Age of Revolution

Note: Joseph Haydn

Worked for the Esterhazy family

Conductor of the prince’s personal orchestra

Note: Mozart

Exposed to a wealth of musical styles

Music lost popularity during the final years of the decade

Ternary Form
Presentation, contrast, and return
Third movement of a symphony
Note: Sonata-Allegro Form
The standard first movement form in the era’s instrumental compositions
Exposition- first theme
Must always start in tonic key (I)
Theme 1

arcs up goes away from tonic, antecedent consequent phrase;

“A Little Night Music” Mozart- has 3 phrases



tonality changes from tonic to dominant in preparation for appearance of second theme

in sonata allegro form

Note: Transposition
Modulates to the five dominant (Transition)

Note: Sonata Allegro Form


2nd theme -; Melody -; dominant
What section is Re-transition in?

Pedal Point


common note between tonic and develpment

still in dominant- allows us to go into recapitulation;

Absolute Music
Has no meaning, no story, organized through form
Job of transition
to modulate

Note: Haydn


Symphony No. 94
Note: Mozart
Horn Concerto in E-flat Major K. 495
Kochel (K) Numbers

A mean of identifying hundreds of compositions Mozart wrote

Devised by 19th century historian Ludwig von Kochel

Note: Mood
Not related to a biographical event
Know Emperor Quartet
Lorenzo de Ponte
Mozart’s liberetto
Master of Classical Opera
Know Symphony No. 3 Mozart
Heligenstandt testament= document
Beethoven in 1817
could no longer hear music
Note: Symphony No. 5

Unexpected solo

Representing victory from going from major to minor in Movement 4

Written in C minor