What genre of music does the Pange Lingua melody represent?



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Chant, or Gregorian Chant



What are the approximate dates for the Middle Ages?


400 – 1400



In what texture are chant melodies written?



Monophonic, meaning that everyone is signing the same melody in unison



In what language are chant melodies traditionally sung?




What is strophic form?


The same music is repeated for all the stanzas of the poem



What are the approximate dates for the Renaissance Period?



1450 – 1600



What genre of music does Absalon fili mi represent?



Motet. Sacred work where composers could choose the text. Could be written in different languages. Not set to music.



What is the order of the movements in the Mass Ordinary?



Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus dei



What is the Ordinary of the Mass?



A five-movement work sung or recited in every catholic mass service



What is the Proper of the Mass?



Text that changes for special occasions or different seasons.



What does tempo refer to in music?



The speed of a piece of music



What is monophonic texture?



Singing in unison



What is polyphonic texture?



Two or more voices at the same time, multiple lines of music at once.



In what musical period did opera begin?






In what country did opera begin?






What is a libretto?



The screenplay for an opera



What is a librettist?



The person who writes the libretto



What is the recitative singing style in opera?



There is no steady pulse and the singer sings in almost a spoken style



What is the aria singing style in opera?



Contains a steady pulse and focuses on the beauty of the voice



How many movements does a concerto grosso contain?




What does tutti mean in instrumental music?






What is the movement order in a concerto grosso in terms of tempo?






What are the approximate dates for the Baroque Period?



1600 – 1760



Is the primary music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance vocal or instrumental?



In what period does instrumental music gain equal footing with vocal music?