Six aspects of American musical tradition includes:
1. Western European Classical Music
2. Folk Music
3. Pop Music
4. Jazz
5. Blues
6. Ethnic Music ( Part of our Culture)
Three ways ethnic groups have kept there uniqueness in modern America
1. Language
2. Customs
3. Social Outlook
Reasons European dominance in American music has remained strong
1.Religious, folk, and pop songs came from the British Isles and mainland Europe

2.Travel to Europe and touring European musicians kept Americans listening to the European styles

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3. European Americans did not accept native American music; they found it substandard.

Define: Ethnomusicology
The study of world music
Western World:
North American and Western Europe, North Afirca
Non-western countries:
Central America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Sub-Saharan, Africa, Asia
Concerns of Ethnomusicologists:

(Ethno-Study of music history)

1. Composers? Why was the music written/created – political? religious? social? personal expression?
Cont; “Concerns of Ethnomusicologists:”

#2 & #3

2. Performers – How do they learn the music? – imitation? reading? How is the music passed on? What about the instrument-vocal combination

3. Audience – participation?

Define: Acculturation:
Blend of cultures, one culture assimilates (combines) or adapts to another culture
Why is labeling music difficult?
Labels overlap and are confusing
What is the aim of a musical artist?
To communicate with the audience
5 Ways artists become well known:
1. Recordings
2. Tours
3. Performances, Marketing
4. Reviews
5. National or International careers