system of writing music so that specific pitches and rhythms can be communicated
written symbol representing music
music staff
5 lines and 4 spaces, notes placed here
ledger lines
lines above or below the staff to continue putting very high/very low notes
Treble Clef
high; “G” clef
bass clef
low; “F” clef
Instruments of the orchestra family
woodwind, brass, string, percussion (piano: keyboard percussion)
grand staff
combination of treble and bass staves
C nearest middle of the keyboard
Middle C
stem or flags
tells what a note is (stem w/ open oval=half note; closed oval=quarter note; etc)
connects several 8th notes
dotted note
increases the duration by half
dotted rhythm
dotted note followed by a note that is much shorter
another way to lengthen the duration of a note; first note lengethened by the duration of the second
three notes of equal duration notated as a gruop within a curved line and the number 3
pauses in music
time (meter) signature
shows meter of a piece; upper number=how many beats per measure; lower number=which note gets the beat
shows the music for each instrumental or vocal category in a performing group