How did harmony change in the twentieth century?
It grew more dissonant


What is serialism and who was the composer associated with it?



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The technique of composing with a series, generally a twelve-tone series; Richard Wagner



Who wrote Rite of Spring? How would you describe the reaction of the audience to the first performance of this composition?



Stravinsky; Audiences were probably shocked and fearful because the music portrayed violence and that is something people of the times were accustomed to. This piece in particular depicted human sacrifice in the fertility ceremonies of primitive Slavic tribes.



What does the term “emancipation of dissonance” refer to?


 Emancipation from that we need to resolve. Dissonance must be free from the rule that says it must always be followed by the appropriate consonance.


What is atonal music?



Music where no tonal center, or focus of a piece, can be detected


The feeling of centrality or focus towards a particular pitch is called what?



What is expressionism?


            An early 20th century movement in art, music, and literature in Germany and Austria which sought to express the most extreme human emotions by divorcing art from everyday literalness


What is Sprechstimme?


            “Speech-song”, where a singer does not exactly sing or exactly speak, sound that is not fully organized into pitches,


Name two important American composers from the twentieth century.


Charles Ives and Aaron Copland


Who invented Sprechstimme?


  Arnold Schoenberg