The Classical period marked the end of what?
Basso continuo
What are the tempos of the 4 movements in a symphony in order?
Fast, slow, dance, fast
Where was the capital of the music world during the Classical Period?
What are the parts of Sonata Allegro Form?
-Introduction (Optional)
-Coda (Optional)
What are the parts of the Exposition in Sonata Allegro Form?
Theme I (Tonic key)
Theme II (second key)
What happens during the development stage of Sonata Allegro Form?
modulation through keys
retransition to the tonic key into the Recap
What are the parts of the Recapitulation in Sonata Allegro Form?
Theme I (tonic key)
Theme II (tonic key)
How old was Mozart when he wrote his first symphony?
How long did it take Mozart to write all five of his violin concertos?
nine months
To whom were Mozart’s 6 string quartets written?
Joseph Haydn
Who was the first great musical dramatist?
How many musical compositions did Mozart write?
over 600
Who wrote “The Magic Flute” (Opera)?
While writing a requiem near the end of his life, form whom does Mozart think he is writing this mass for the dead?
When and where was Beethoven born?
December 16, 1770 in Bonn, Germany
Which famous musician found Beethoven’s playing to be amazing?
True or False: Beethoven cared a great deal about the level of difficulty of his music for musicians.
Who was Beethoven’s mentor?
Joseph Haydn
Who was Beethoven able to compose with no strings attached?
Money from the Aristocrats
When did Beethoven write his first symphony?
in 1800, at 30 years of age
When did Beethoven start losing his hearing?
in his late 20s
True or False: Beethoven was incredibly difficult to work with because he was moody and had a terrible temper.
In what year did Beethoven write his famous 5th Symphony?
Besides the 5th Symphony, what did Beethoven write in 1808?
The Pastoral Symphony which included sounds that he knew he would never hear again (birds singing).
What is the name of Beethoven’s only opera?
Which symphony was the first to use a chorus?
Beethoven’s 5th