Which style does atonality fall under?
Definiton: No specific pitch is emphasized.
Which two composers used Bel Canto?
Verdi, Puccini
Did Wagner’s operas center on voice or orchestra?
What does Leitmotif mean?
Specific them – subconscious element of opera. Wagner. (Star Wars)
What does Klaugfarbenmelodie mean?
“Tone Color Melody” By Webern
What does Unendliche Melodie mean?
Unending melody. By Wagner
What did Lunaire do?
Leeders (Artsong) Erlking
What dramatic contada did we study?
Survivor from Warsaw by Shoenberg.
Carnaval was an example of what?
Character pieces (miniatures)
What concert overture did we study?
Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet
Who wrote etudes? (two ppl)
Chopin, Lizt
Who considered opera to be “Music Drama”?
What program symphony did we study?
Symphony fantastique by Berlioz
What piece did Scott Joplin write?
The Maple Leaf Rag
The Maple Leaf Rag combines which two styles of music?
European march and African rythms.
Who used Idee Fix?
What is Ostinado?
Repetitive figure (minimalism) Used in beginning of Erl King.
What is pantonic? Who used it?
5-note scale. Debbuci
What is strophic?
Setting text to music – same melody for each verse.
Who was a transcendentalist composer?
Charles Ives (New England)
What did Albert Gerow do?
Provided text for Pierro Lunaire. (Associate with Shoernberg)
Who was Martha Graham? Which composer was she associated with?
A dancer and choreographer. Appalachian spring was written for her. Associated with Copland.
Who were 12-tone composers? ‘Dodecaphony’ (Three ppl)
Shernberg, Webern, Berg
Who were members of the 2nd Vionese school?
Shoernberg, Webern, Berg
Who was Melormay associated with? And which ballet?
(Symbolist) Debucci. Afternoon of a faun.
Who was Monet associated with? And which style?
Debucci – Impressionism
What style is Edvard Munch associated with? (Scream)
What composer was Picasso Associated with and which movement?
Stravenski – Primitivism
La Sacre du Printemps means what?
Rite of Spring by Stravenski (primitive folklore)
Neoclassism is what? Which period? Who used it?
Style that uses Baroque/Classical structures like sonata, ABA. Clear texture. 20th Century. Stravenski.
Which two composers used nationalism?
Smetana, Chopin (Polonaise)
Which composer used verismo?
Puccini (In La Boheme)
1797-1860 fell under which period?
What are four American composers?
Copland, Ives, Glass, Cage
Who did Copland study with?
The vionese composers were from?
Which composer resided in LA?
In Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, what instrument does the faun play?
Who was gay?
Who went insane?
Who was a jew?
Opera houses opened in which period?
The sonata and rondo are from which period?
Fourths and fifths were from which period?
Who was influenced by Zen Buddhism?
What are the Das Rheingold, Die Valkure, Siegfried, and Die Gotterclammergy from?
Der Ring (The Ring) by Wagner
Wide variety of performances became available in which age?
In which period did composers start focusing on themselves?
Palestrina is from which period?
Supernatural, Nationalism, Love of nature, Middle class composers, and program music are from which period?
Name five French composers?
Berlioz, Perotin, Leonin, Mashow, Debucci
Diaghilev directed what? And where were they from?
Ballet Russes, from Russia then France.
What was the Comedia Del Arte and who used it?
Origins in renaissance, Shumann used chars. Shoernberg too. (Clowns)
Which composition is Atonal but not 12-tone?
Moon Drunk