Haydn – from, genre, type
German, Classical, Musician
Handel’s Messiah is an example of an
Small group of soloists in a concerto grosso
Author: “Is the great chain, that draws all to agree, And drawn supports, upheld by God, or thee?”
rampant commercialism
Which of the following was one of the specific targets of Pope’s criticisms?
What key word best describes the prevailing attitude of the Rococo?
Compared to the Baroque period in visual art, the Rococo was more ________?
anger and pessimism
What phrase best describes Jonathan Swift’s attitude toward humanity?
chillingly rational
Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” would most accurately be described as
Ancient Greek music
Which of the following had the least influence on 18th-century European neoclassicism?
It was an attempt to recreate the kind of encyclopedia that flourished in the Renaissance
Which of the following statements about the Encyclopedie is NOT true?
Encyclopedie challenged who
the traditional authority of the Church and the monarchy.
Encyclopedie took how long
longer than 15 years to complete
Encyclopedie contained what
articles written by Rousseau and Voltaire
an amateur musician
In addition to being an important philosopher, Jean-Jacques Rousseau was also ________.
Who were the principle targets of Voltaire’s famous catchphrase, “Ecrasez l’infame!”
Sturm und Drang
A symphony by Mozart in a minor key would most likely have been influenced by which literary style?
Which of the following composers had the greatest direct influence on Haydn’s oratorios?
Fascination with Rococo sentiment
Which of the following features is NOT common in visual art of the Romantic era?
Of the following artists, who was the most overtly political and propagandistic in their art?
everyday and commonplace subjects
The French Realist movement in art of the middle of the 19th century was, by definition, concerned mostly with ________.
They all died young
What biographical detail is common to Shelley, Keats, and Lord Byron?
Judging from the style and subject matter of the following excerpt, who is the author of this poem?

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

Haydn – works
The Creation
Haydn – identifiers
German oratorio, symphonies
Goya – from, genre, type
Spanish, Romantic, Artist
Goya – works
shooting, snobby aristocrats, ‘Saturn Devouring one of his sons’
Goya – identifiers
politically charged pieces, chiaroscuro, very romantic in nature
Girodet-Trioson – from, genre, type
French, Romantic, Artist
Girodet-Trioson – works
Burial of Atala
Girodet-Trioson – identifiers
romantic (emotional) paintings often with classical figures, soft/rococo lighting
Girodet-Trioson – why important
19th Century ideal of “dying in love”
Gericault – from, genre, type
French, Romantic, Artist
Gericault – features
Gericault – works
Raft of the Medusa
Gericault – identifiers
likes diagonal lines
Delacroix – from, genre, type
French, romantic, artist
Delacroix – features
color for emotion
Delacroix – works
“Massacre at Chios”
“Death of Sardinapaulus”
Delacroix – identifiers
Horses, uses lots of color,
Delacroix – why important
French politics
Gericault – why important
french politics
Ingres – from, genre, type
french, romantic, artist
Ingres – works
“Jupiter & Thetis”
“Countess d’Hausonville”
Ingres – identifiers
portraits, uses lines, uses great detail in clothing, eyes are prominent feature
interest in one plane: low-light background
Daumier – from, genre, type
french, romantic, artist
Daumier – works
“The Legislative Belly”
Daumier – identifiers
like caricatures, blurry, look like sketches
Courbet – from, genre, type
french, romantic, artist
Courbet – works
The artist’s studio
Garnier – from, type
french, architect
Garnier – works
Paris Opera House
Garnier – identifiers
gaudy, over the top
Garnier – why important
designed to bring in money
Friedrich – from, genre, type
German, Romantic, Artist
Friedrich – works
Abbey in an Oak Forest
Friedrich – identifiers
looks like death, monastery monk idea in work, emptiness, fog, “freaky Friedrich”
Constable – from, genre, type
English, Romantic, Artist
Constable – works
Hay Wain
Constable – identifiers
clouds, focused on the sky, low horizon “Constable Clouds”
Turner – from, genre, type
English, Romantic, Artist
Turner – works
slave ship
Turner – identifiers
rich vibrant colors, looks beautiful but some have hidden meanings, “blurry” looking, not as refined
Blake – from, genre, type
English, Romantic, Writer/Artist
Blake – works
Jerusalem, Ancient of Days
Blake – identifiers
communication with divine
Wordsworth – from, genre, type
english, romantic, poet
Wordsworth – features
nature is good, wrote about emotional events looking back in a tranquil way
Wordsworth – works
Tintern Abbey
Wordsworth – identifiers
“Lake Poet”, wrote about nature, a “European Transcedentalist”
Wordsworth – why important
trailing clouds of glory
Shelley – from, genre, type
English, Romantic, Poet
Shelley – features
eternal love
Shelley – works
Ozymandius, To—-
Shelley – identifiers
Some writing fragment, exotic
Keats – from, genre, type
English, Romantic, Poet
Keats – works
Ode to a Nightengale
Keats – identifiers
died very young
Tolstoy – from, type
Russia, Writer
Tolstoy – features
Novels, short stories, playwright, essays,
Spirit > church
Tolstoy – works
Anna Karenina, War and Peace, The Kingdom of God is Within You,
3 hermits
Tolstoy – identifiers
Novels, short stories, playwright, essays,
Spirit > church
Anna Karenina, War and Peace, The Kingdom of God is Within You,
3 hermits
known for complicated and paradoxical persona and for his extreme moralistic and ascetic views
Tolstoy – why important
Anna Karenina and
War and Peace praised for
being the best novels ever written
Dickens – from, type
England, Writer
Dickens – works
Oliver Twist
Dickens – identifiers
Wrote in a witty way, easy to read.., dialect
Cole – from, genre, type
American, American romantic, Artist
Cole – identifiers
landscape, people unimportant but may be involved, part of the Hudson River school
Heade – from, genre, type
American, American Romantic, Artist
Heade – identifiers
Landscape, a “luminist”
Homer – from, genre, type
American, American Romantic, Artist
Homer – identifiers
loved to paint the sea
Eakins – from, genre, type
American, American Romantic, Artist
Eakins – works
The Gross Clinic
Eakins – identifiers
portrayed human anatomy
Whistler – from, genre, type
American, Amoerican Romantic, Artist
Whistler – identifiers
named pieces after song (nocturne etc), subject is often hard to find, the caption is essential
Poe – from, poet
American, Poet
Poe – works
The Raven, Tell Tale Heart
Poe – identifiers
Gothic horror, poetry
Whitman – from, genre, type
American, Romantic, Poet
Whitman – features
civil war, transcendentalist
Whitman – works
Leaves of Grass, Song of Myself, Ashes of Soldiers
Whitman – identifiers
civil war
Dickinson – from, genre, type
American, Romantic, Poet
Dickinson – features
Death, Love and Nature
Dickinson – identifiers
lots of strange punctuation – ballad, common meter
Beethoven – from, genre, type
German, Classical, Romantic, Composer
Beethoven – works
Moonlight Sonata, Ode to Joy (Ninth Symphony)
Symphony No. 5
Beethoven – identifiers
Giant “Sturm und Drang”, lots of emotion! form not clear
Beethoven – why important
Went outside of the classical
outlining, and experimented with
new form
First to explore the idea
that music could have meaning