sacred texts as stories derived from the Bible set to music
chorale variations
sets of variations out of different settings of a chorale melody or hymn tne
short instrumental pieces
Johann Sebastian Bach – from
Germany, composer
Johann Sebastian Bach – unique identifiers
Ritornello, rotating solos, only person who wrote for an organ. Cantata (German)
concerto grosso
contrast between 2 groups of players
Johann Sebastian Bach – instrument
Organ. Brandenburg Concertos
Johann Sebastian Bach – why important
death marked end of baroque, wrote 200 cantatas (one/week) for church
Johann Sebastian Bach – time period (before and after composers)
(1685-1750)Baroque, same time Handel (1685-1759), before Haydn (1731-1809), Beethoven (1770-1827), Mozart (1791-1844)
full orchestra
group of soloists
Vivaldi – from
Vivaldi (1676-1741) – description
Baroque, strong contrasts between orchestra. instrumental
musical director
derived from Latin word for “flight”. Single theme is passed from voice to voice or instrument to instrument, each imitating the principal theme in turn
short oratorio
Georg Frideric Handel (1685-1759) – from, genre
German, Baroque.
Handel – description
choral writer, Better at opera, wrote instrumental. English oratorios
Rococo – derived from
rocaille, seashells around the garden, decorative style
Rococo – definition, key word
feminine style, indifference, maintaining frivolity
Rococo synonym
style galant
Watteau – from, genre, type
french, rococo, artist
Watteau – paintings
Pilgrimage to Cythera, Jupiter and Antiope
Watteau – style
Aristocratic artist, figures in stately poses, gently engaged in unimportant activities. Pastel colors.
Fetes galantes. Grouping in mid-ground
Fetes galantes
French term referring to some of the celebrated pursuits of the idle, rich aristocrats in the 18th century
Boucher – from, genre, type
French, rococo, artist
Boucher – style
“Mounds of pink flesh.” Sensual paintings of (mainly) nude mythological figures.
Boucher – paintings
Pastoral Scene, Diana leaving the bath
Fragonard – from, genre, type
French, rococo, artist
Fragonard – paintings
The Swing, A Young Girl Reading, Diana and Endymion, The Bolt
Fragonard – identifiers
Looks innocent but has hidden innuendos, clothed, figures in the foreground
Fragonard – note
last great artist working in Rococo style
Carriera – from, genre, type
Italian, Rococo, Artist
Carriera – artwork
Enrichetta Anna Sofia of Modena, Flora, Portrait of a Man,Portrait of a Woman in Turkish Costume
Carriera – identifiers
portrait artist, soft pastel colors, based in Venice
Gainsborough – from, genre, type
English, Rococo, Artist
Gainsborough – artwork
Mary, Countess Howe
Gainsborough – identifiers
Portrait. darker colors and backgrounds, focuses on the dress. Often includes landscape backgrounds
Tiepolo – from, genre, type
Italian, Rococo, Artist
Tiepolo – artwork
Immaculate Conception
Tiepolo – identifiers
Religious art, applies rococo principles to religious art. Famed for his ceilings and trompe l’oeil effects
Queirolo – from, genre, type
Italian/Genoese, Rococo, Sculpturist
Quierolo – artwork
Deception Unmasked
Queirolo – identifiers
Likes tiny detail, impressed by the surface. triumph of technique over subject
Boffrand – from, genre, type
French, Rococo, Designer
Boffrand – description
interior- JUST design. no architecture
Boffrand – art
Salon de la Princesse
Boffraine – descriptions
no straight lines, ornament, create a graceful, light, airy effect
Neumann – from, genre, type
German, Rococo, Architect
Neumann – art
Vierzehnheiligen Pilgrimage Church
Neumann – identifiers
cross put together by circles, extreme detail
David – from, genre, type
French, Neo-classical/Romantic, Artist
David – features
action poses
David – art
Sabine Women, Oath of the Horatio
David – identifiers
Rich colors, has a lot to do with the Revolution, shallow space, bright colors
Pope – from, genre, type
England, Rococo, Author
Pope – features
Pope – works
“Whatever is, is right”
Pope – identifiers
Most Quoted Writer besides William Shakespeare
Wrote in iambic pentameter and rhyming couplets
Pope – specific features
3 targets
1-growing commercialism
2-new rationalism(I think therefore I am)
3-Religion based only on feeling
Swift – from, genre, type
England/Ireland, Rococo, Author
Swift – features
Swift – works
A Modest Proposal, Gullivers Travels
Swift – identifiers
(hated humanity)
Swift – why important
snubbed to be English clergy, then fought for Irish rights and independence
Reynolds – from, genre, type
English, Neo-Classical, Artist
Reynolds – works
Mrs. Siddons as the Tragic Muse
Reynolds – identifiers
generalized people in generalized locations. Portraitst with greek themes
Hogarth – from, genre, type
English, Neo-Classical, Artist
Hogarth – features
Hogarth – works
‘Shortly After the Marriage’
Hogarth – identifiers
cartoonish, not the best artist
Hogarth – why important
Using pictures to tell stories
Canova – from, genre, type
Italian, Neo-Classical, Sculptorist
Canova – works
Pauline Borghese as Venus
Canova – indentifiers
classical figures, sculpted people with the body of a Greek god or goddess
Thorvaldsen – from, genre, type
Danish/Islandic, Neo-Classical, Sculptor
Thorvaldsen – works
Thorvaldsen – why important
biblical characters in classical way
Soufflot – from, genre, type
French, Neo-Classical, Architect
Soufflot – works
Soufflot – features
rotunda, post/lintel, less decoration on exterior
Jefferson – from, genre, type
American, Neo-Classical, Architect
Jefferson – works
VA State Capital
Jefferson – identifiers
Greek revival
Rousseau – from, genre, type
Genevan, Romantic, Writer
Rousseau – features
Rational humanism-man is good, give him knowledge, not from church or gov. philosopher, writer.
Rousseau – works
The Social Contract, ‘’general will’’ of the people, Encylopedia
Rousseau – features
society and aristocrats=corrupt, go back to noble savage
Rousseau – why important
helped with encyclopedia, rational humanism, searched for truth-’try to find God but he escapes me’ ‘Noble Savage’
Voltaire – from, genre, type
French, Neo-Classical, Writer
Voltaire – features
Candide, Cunegonde, Pangloss, Martin
Voltaire – works
Voltaire – identifiers
anti-humanity, critical of superstition, especially the Church, Strove for freedom of thought in society
Rousseau – special
amateur musician
Mozart – from, genre, type
Germany/England/Italy, Classical, Musician
Mozart – works
Le nozze di Figaro, Requiem. Don Giovanni
Mozart – features
Italian Opera, Piano Concerto
Mozart – special
develops High Classical style of music. Innovator of opera