Cootie Williams
Trumpet, Duke Ellingtons Band, Concerto for Cootie
Scott Lafarro
Double Bassist with Bill Evans
Jaco Pastorious
Electric Bass Player with Weather Report, One of greatest Jazz Bassist, Changed Direction of Jazz bass playing
Chet Baker
Trumpet, Solo Style, Drugs worked with Gerry Mulligan, No piano, no harmonic instrumentation. Used Counterpoint
Django Rheinhart
Guitarist and Violin Player, 2 finger, solo style. Quintet Du Hot Club du France, Transitional (European Jazz Musician)
Paul Chambers
Guitarist and Violin Player, 2 finger, solo style. Quintet Du Hot Club du France, Transitional
Art Blakey


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Had song Moanin, Call and Response, leader of Jazz Messengers, loosening drumming and loud intrusions, blues march because drum solo is like marching Band. Hard Bop

Stan Getz
White Tennor sax player for American latin Jazz
Art Tatum
piano reharmonization, amazing technique and velocity at piano, Transitional
John Coltrane
Played Tenor Sax, was in Miles first great quintet, Densely packed solos, A Love Supreme, Hard Bop (Miles Band) Post Bop (solo)
Clifford Brown
Trumpet player, used augmentation, Hard Bop
Sonny Rollins
Tenor Sax player, Used Melodic Development, Hard Bop
The lengthening of the time values of notes in a melodic part. Clifford Brown
Dave Brubeck
Piano, Used Supermetric, mixed meters, Cross rythym, Blue Rhondo A la Turk, West Coast/Cool Jazz. Played with Paul Desmond
The art or technique of setting, writing, or playing a melody or melodies in conjunction with another, according to fixed rules.
Herbie Hancock
Piano Player, Miles Second Great, Headhunters Album, Eletronic Sound, Jazz Rock, Post Bop
Miles “the trumpet player” Davis Albums in Order
1. Birth of the Cool 2. Kind of Blue 3. Nefertiti 4. Bitches Brew 5. Tutu.
Used Harmon mute close to the Microphone. Not Warm and Fuzzy personality.
Miles Davis
Thelonious Monk
Played Afrocuban influenced music, Bends notes, Used Melodic/cell development (Straight No Chaser), unorthodox
Charlie Christian
First Guitarist to use Amplification, Long Solo Lines, Transitional
Antonio Carlos Jobim
Master Composer of the Brazillian Style Music, Latin Style
Billy Strayhorn
Piano, Ellington’s Alter Ego, Played in Dark Keys, Co wrote a lot of Duke Ellington’s Songs (after swing period)
Benny Goodman
Clarinet, King of Swing, Pop Icon, First interracially mixed band, Made Jazz acceptable by general public, Swing
Piano, Composer and Band Leader, Master of 3 minute form,
Duke Ellington
Used golden Section, Personal Sounds of players, Jungle Pieces, Cotton Club, Played all the Suites, expanded, Composed a Film Score (Anatomy of a Murder) Swing, and 1950’s
Duke Ellington
Piano, Stride to Plank plank, reformed Benny Morton’s Band, Jumping at the Woodside
Count Basie
Piano, Played in West Coast Jazz. Played with Miles Davis, Birth of Cool. Always preferred integrity and freedom vs. just anything for money. Composed for over 50 years
Gil Evans
Pat Metheney
Gutarist in jazz rock, spacious and open sounds
Free Jazz, Post avant Garde experimentalist, played the annoying crap
John Zorn
Free Jazz Trumpeter, Saved the acoustic sound in Jazz, director of the Jazz at Lincoln Center
Wynton Marsalis
Free Jazz alto sax player, played “Harmolodic” style
Ornette Coleman
Played with Dizzy Gillespi with the AfroCuban music, Drums, song was Cubanobe Cubanobop (Bebop)
Chano Pozo
Louis Armstrong,Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker,(1900-1950’s) Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bill Evans (1951-2000)
Congo Square – what and where is it?
Where Blacks Danced, New Orleans
• collective improvisation
• Emancipation of traditional roles in the rhythm section.
• Little distinction b/t soloist & accompanist.
Joe Zawinul, Miroslav Vitous
Weather Report
Chet Baker-Jerry Mulligan
no piano – counterpoint(Relationship between two or more voices that are independent in contour and rhythm and interdependent in harmony), Didn’t want it to be horizontal
tenor sax, piano, drummer, bass, trumpet (Quintet)
Common Format for Hard Bop
Big Bands, 5 Saxophones, 3-4 trumpets, 3-4 trombones, piano, bass, guitar, drums
Common Format for Swing period group
Nicholas Slonimsky-
what is it and who used this?
Thesaurus of musical scales
John Coltrane, Book that list all the musical Scales.
Smooth Jazz
Just as easy to hear or ignore, quiet, refined “Funk”
Sooth Jazz (instrumental pop)
Kenny G, George Benson, Bob James
color, Used by John Coltrane
Influences of French impressionism
Bill Evans was Harmonically influenced by Maurice Ravel
Form of many standard tunes 32 bars four sections 8 bars each, includes a bride ex. Somewhere Over the Rainbow,
Ragtime military March form ex. Maple Leaf Rag by Scot Joplin, Blues- 12 bars 3 sections 4 bars each, statement statement Commentary
Such Sweet Thunder
Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn like a Shakesperian Sonnet, Based off of play Midsummers Night Dream
Star Crossed Lovers
– Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn Not actually written for Romeo & Juliet.
Jazz vocalists
vibrato- Added at the end of a not to achieve warmth. Instruments are copied by the Vocalist
Strange Fruit
Billie Holiday (Lady Day) Lyrics come alive, Heavy Lyrics about blacks getting lynched in the south, lyrics were written by a High School teacher. Anthem for anti-lynching movement
“I don’t want to rob you of the joy of discovering it yourself”
Bill Evans
Differences between Brazilian and Afro Cuban styles of Latin Music-
Both Latin Jazz and no swinging; Afro Cuban is more rhythmic and intense and bass notes are seldom on beat, Brazilian Bass notes are almost always on the beat.
Golden section, Fibonacci series, .618,- Duke Ellington used this as a way to keep his music proportional
Lester Young influenced who?
The West Coast/Cool Jazz Saxophone Players.
Fusion- roots and origins-
Used Electric Bass Guitar and Piano instead of acoustic Piano, No swinging and no triple division. Straight 8th notes.
Supermetric.what is it and who used it in which piece?
Dave Brubeck in Blue Rhondo A la Turk, It is When Big Beats are played on top of the smaller Beats
Cotton Club – what was it and who played there?
Duke Ellington, Jungle Music
Fast tempos, Melodic Chromaticism, Move from entertainer to Artist, artifacts for copyright reasons.
Bebop Characteristics
Louis Armstrong – was he an Uncle Tom?
He really wasn’t because he wanted to please the whites, he was called this because of the little rock 9
Headhunters – what is this?
Herbie Hancocks Album, Very Electronic, Hired Jazz players who could play funk and funk players who could play Jazz.
Miles Davis band members. First Quintet
First Quintet: (1959-1963)
1. Bill Evans & Wyton Kelly- Piano
2. Paul Chambers- Bass
3. Jimmy Cobb- Drums
4. John Coltrane- Tenor Sax
5. Cannon Ball Aderly- Alto Sax
6. Miles Davis- Trumpet
Miles Davis Second Quintet
Second Great Quintet: (1963-1968)
1. Wayne Shorter- Sax
2. Herbie Hancock- Piano
3. Tony Williams- Drums
4. Ron Carter- Bass
5. Miles Davis- Trumpet
A song with lyrics that don’t rhyme
Haiku? Johnny Mercer
Moaning and singing while playing – who does this?
Keith Jarrett
Harmolodic – a term coined by whom?
Ornette Coleman means simultaneous soundings of a single melodic line.
Fender Rhodes piano
Eletric Piano that was portable so musicans didn’t have to worry about the clubs piano, Used in pop and Jazz music.
Finale – MIDI
Technology used to transcribe music on a computer MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface.
Sine Qua Non– latin term, what does it mean, how does it apply to the jazz idiom-
Means Without which there is nothing, Jazz is nothing without improvisation
Anatomy of a Murder- film score by whom?
Duke Ellington
Nonet instrumentation
what unusual instruments were added, and who wrote this music for whom?
obviously nine instruments
French Horn and Tuba added to Miles Davis Quintet on Birth of the Cool
Voice of America
Willis Conover broadcast Jazz to Easter Europe During Cold War.
Sheets of Sound – what is it and who used this technique?
John Colrane was yielded by his technique dense notes.
James Lincoln Collier
scholarly references
What does it mean to say that jazz is black music?
early origins were written by creoles. Its hard to assign new orleans to a race.
Can a cultural icon belong to anyone?
he british cant stand to hear shakespeare in a american accent. Germans cant play french music.
-calling cajun describes it origin or musical elements but doesn’t limit who play it
Art Taylor (drummer)
what do you think about the word jazz?
-hotter topic in the 70s then it is now
Gene Lees
DIscuss the sense of inferiority toward european culture that may be pervasive.
-You had to pay royalties for american composers but not for british.
scoops pitches on the saxophone
Johnny Hodges
mahalia Jackson would not sing?
the blues, just gospel “anybody singing the blues is in a deep pit yellin for help”
writing lyrics to an instrumental solo. Freddie Freeloader by Jon Hendricks
Pentatonic Scale
Bobby McFerrin
wrote what he knew, big band.Final- section plunger dead give away Ellington
-lord what fools these … be
Clark Terry
west coast Jazz
cozzy slipper music
densely packed solos, played fast sax, composer may have been the most important figure in jazz
Charlie Parker