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-lived in middle ages

-founded a convent

-performed miracles and prophecies

-her music resembles gregorian chants

-her songs praise the virgin mary


– the combination of two or more simultaneus melodic lines

-emerged towards the end of the romanesque era

-brought about the use of regular meters  which was necessary for the voices to keep together

-music had to be written down  so less was improved or made into an oral tradition

Difference between cantata opera and oratorio

a cantata is a short oratorio with less movements. oratorios were very long and dramatic and not for churches but were based on bible stories

-operas are staged events




-studied in italy then lived in england

-known for italian operas and english oratorios

extravert who never married



-secular and sacred music

-spent most of life in northern germany

-wrote cantatas

-known as an organist

-master of all forms except opera

-polyphonic music

-deeply religious