Old Time or Hillbilly Music

Based on the folk music of England, Scotland, and Ireland

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-Dance tunes

-Ballads: storytelling through song

-Influenced by blues, jazz and rock

Jimmie Rodgers

Blends old time music with the blues


-“The Singing Brakeman”

-“Waiting for a train”(among his many hobo songs)

The Carter Family

A.P. Carter, wife Sara, and sister-in-law Maybell


-“Will the Circle Be Broken”

-Southern gospel tune adapted by the Carter family

Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys

-Father of Bluegrass

-Focus on virtuosic playing

-Mandolin, fiddle,banjo, guitar

-Now considered a “folk” style

-“Its Mighty Dark to Travel”

Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys

-Western Swing: fuses swing rhythm with country music melodies

-Lived in fresno at one point

-“New San Antonio Rose”

Hank Williams


-Heavily influenced by the blues

-His songs remain the standard by which country songs are judged

“Your Cheating Heart”

Gene Autry

-Discovered by Wil Rodgers

-Popularized the “Singing Cowboy” in 93 films

-Sold over 100 million records

-Children’s songs including Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer

-Back in the Saddle Again”

Roy Rodgers

-After 80 films, moves to televison in the 50s with wife and co-star, Dale Evans “Happy Trails” closing song of show