Teen Idols (1957-1962)

-Songs aimed at teen audiences

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-“Manufacture” stars

-Heavily influenced by doo-wop

-Lush productions, high quality recordings

-Appearance is most important

-Often Italian-American

-Rarely played instrument

-Generally did not write their own songs

Frankie Avalon
“Venus” (1959)
Paul Anka

-Prolific songwrtier

-“Put Your Head On My Shoulders”(1959)

Neil Sedaka
“Calender Girl” (1959)
The Clovers “Devil or Angel” (1956)

-Doo-wop, male vocal quartet

-Sax solo

Bobby Vee


“Devil or Angel” (1960)


-guitar instead of sax


Dion and the Belmonts

-Leader Dion Dimucci

-“A Teenager in Love”

Phil Spector

-Arranger, songwriter, and producer

-Protege of Leiber and Stoller

-Wall of Sound is leading his ability to take a small group and make them big through production

-Produced the Shirelles, the Crystals, and the Ronettes

-First group, the Teddy Bears

“To Know Him is To Love Him” (1958)

The Chiffons

“He’s So Fine”

-Copyright infringement: George Harrison pays $500,000.00

-“My Sweet Lord” (1970)

The Shangi-Las

-“Leader of the Pack” (1964)

-“Remember (Walking in the Sand)” (1964)

Darker quality than most pop of time

Cover by Aerosmith

The Crystals

-Hit Song: “Da Doo Ron Ron” (1963)’

-“Please Hurt Me” (1962)

-“He Hit Me(It Felt Like A Kiss)”


banned by radio stations

Both written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King