Teen Idols and Girl Groups (1958-1964)
The day the music died (1957-1960)

1958: Elvis enlists in army

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1958: Jerry Lee Lewis marries thirteen year old cousin

1957: Little Richard finds religion

Feb. 3 1959: Buddy Holiday, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper killed in plane crash

1960: Fat Domino goes commercial

1960: Chuck Berry arrested arrested and jailed for transporting 14 year old girls across state lines

Teen Idols (1957-1962)


-Songs aimed at teen audiences

-“Manufactured Stars”

-Heavily influenced by Doo-wop (More watered down)

-Lush productions, high quality recording

-Appearance is most important

-Often Italian American

-Rarely played an instrument

-Generally did not write their own songs

-Frankie Avalon “Venus”

Paul Anka & Neil Sedaka

Paul Anka (Canadian)

-Prolific songwriter

-“Put your head on my shoulders” (1959)


Neil Sedaka

-“Calendar Girl” (1959)

“Devil or Angel” (1956)

The Clovers

-Male Quartet

-Sax Solo

-Doo-Wop Feel


Covered by Bobby Vee (1960)


-Guitar instead of sax


Dion and the Belmonts

-Leader: Dion DiMucci

-“Teenager in love”

Phil Spector, Girl Groups, and the “Wall of sound”

-Arranger, songwriter and producer

-Protege of Lieber and Stoller (Houndog Writers)

-Produced girl groups- Produced Shirelles, the Crystals and Ronettes


Wall of Sound: Able to take a small group and make them sound big.

-First Group, The Teddy Bears

“To Know him is to love him”

The Chiffons

“Hes so fine” (1963)

Copyright Infringment

-George Harrison Pays $500,000.00

“My Sweet Lord” (1970)

The Shangri-Las

“Leader of the pack” (1964) Parody of teenage love

-Remember (Walking in the sand) (1964)

-Dark quality than most pop of time

-Cover by aerosmith

The Crystals

Hit song: “Da doo ron ron (1963)

“Please Hurt Me”

“Hit me (It felt like a kiss) (1962)


-Banned by radio stations


-Both written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King

Surf Music

-Double Picking Solos and heavy Reverd in the guitar

-Drums heavily influenced

-Lush Harmonies

-Made by and for white middle class teen

-Created a California Lifestyle Myth

-The Chantays- “Underwater” and “Pipeline”



Dick Dale

-Original Surfer dude


The Surafaris “Wipeout”


The Beach Boys

-Combined surf music and rich vocal harmonies

-Evolved beyond teen bop

-Troubled but creative Brian Wilson

-Beatles compeition

-“Graduation Day” The Four Freshman

-Beach Boys remix of “Graduation Day”

-Johnny B. Goode- “Berry”

-“Fun, Fun, Fun”- Beach Boys

-“Surfer Girl”

The Beach Boys Cont.

-“Good Vibrations” (1966)

-“Wouldnt it be nice” Pet Sounds

-“Caroline No” Pet Sounds