Country Western Music/ Folk
Lecture #1

Old Time and Hillbilly Music- “2 beat”

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Key Artists

Jimmy Rodgers- “Waiting for a train”


Song played in class

 Old time and Hillybilly music

Key Artists


Carter Family- A.P carter, Sara and sister-in-law Marybelle


“Cant the circle be broken”


 Old time and Hillybilly music

Key Artists

Bill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys

-Father of Blue Grass, focused on virtuosic playing

-Mandolin, fiddle, banjo, guitar and bass

 Old time and Hillybilly music

Key Artists

Bob Wills

-Western Swing

-Fuses swing rhythm with country music melodies

 Old time and Hillybilly music

Key Artists

Hank Williams

-Heavily influenced by the blues- remains standard for which country songs are judged upon today

 Old time and Hillybilly music

Key Artists

Gene Autry

-“Back in the Saddle”

-Discovered by Will Rogers

 Old time and Hillybilly music

Key Artists

Roy Rogers

-Starred in 80+ films

-Song in class: “Happy Trails”

 Old time and Hillybilly music


Record Company Influence

All white owned all white operated

 Old time and Hillybilly music


Record Compnay Influence

-Pre 1949 black artists records were called race records

-Then changed to rhythm and blues

-Institutional racism

Rock and Roll



-Multi Cultural society

-Free enterprise

-Those who have the $$ are in control

-Target Teenagers

Rock and Roll


Media and Press

– Have the power to make or break an artist

-Talent is only one piece of the puzzle

-Timing, Contacts, Resiliance, ability of providing at least one of the following– Escape, Reflect, Change

Teenagers: New Consumer Class

-Term coined in 1950s

-Extra time and $, developed own fashion style and music

-R&B finds new audience

-Radios wont discriminate

Tin Pan Alley

-NYC center of popular music publishing

-White professional song writers

-Influences from Broadway, Hollywood and Swing Period

-Beggining in 1930 records are selling out of sheet music

Characteristics: Non-Offensive, non controversial, boy girl romance, very conservative

Tin Pan Alley


Louis Jordan


-Rhythm and Blues

-Jazz Instrumentation

-Reduces big band

-“Choo choo cha boogie” “Saturday Night Stir Fry”

Tin Pan Alley


Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller


“Hound Dog”


Covered by Elis

Chess Records

Chicago Electric Blues

Key Artists

Chuck Berry- “Maybellene”

-Shared 1/3 of royalties to Alan freed

Payola- Illegal to pay a dj to play your specific music

“Johnny Be Good” “Sweet Little Sixteen”

Chess Records- Chicago Electric Blues


Little Richard

-Major influence on Paul Mcartney


“Tutti Frutti”

Cover Versions


-Normally White artist arrangment of black artist original

-Result- the cover out sold the original 100% of the time

“Rock around the clock”


-Originally sung by Sunny Day and his Knights

Covered by Bill Haley



Combined R&B with C&W
Rockability Cont.

“Shoo-Boom” – Doo-Wop


Male-Female Vouce, Non sense words

Original by the Chords


Covered by Crew Nuts- Tim Pan Alley influence

Rockability Cont.
“Little Darling” Original tune- Gladiolas- Covered by the Diamonds a month after the original came out
Elvis Presley

Discovered by Sam Phillips- Sun Records- Memphis Tenessee

Rebel Figure- Contreversial stage persona

Great at interpreting “Jail House Rock”

Buddy Holiday

Amoing the first non white pop stars to compose


“That’ll be the day”

Allen Freed

Radio DJ, New York, Played original black artist music- Hated Covers

-Used Term R & R

-Indicted for Payola

Alabama White Citizens Council
Put Pressure on congress, goes national to bring down rock and roll.