Funky Bop

Musical Characteristics

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-Little stylistic relationship to Bop

Straight 8th note beats from Latin and Rock

Catchy Melody, played twice before solos

Blues/Gospel influence

Funky Bop

Social Considerations

-Intentional re-connecting with African American Roots

Much more popular than hard bop

Crossover into rock, pop and eventually rap/hip hop audiences

Funky Bop

Key Artists

1. Herbie Hancock

-Hard and funky bop on same album

-Empyrean Isles album (1964)

“Cantaloupe Island” (Funky Bop)

Funky Bop

Key Artist:

2. Horace Silver- Bebop roots- “Song for my father”

-Steely dan stole intro for ricky dont lose that number.

Latin Influence

*Film Black Orpheous (1959) helped popularize Brazilian “Bossa Nova”


1. Antonio Carlos Jobim

2. Luis Bonfa

“The girl from Ipanema”