Musical Characteristics

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Straight rock rhythm replaces swing beats

More advanced drum kit

-Eletric/electronic instruments

World Percussion instruments

Extended solos

Repetitive chord progressions

-Short melodic fragments

Rock Instruments- Electric guitar, bass, keyboards

-Jazz Acoustic insturments- Sax, Trumpets, drums


Key Artists

1. Miles Davis (trumpet)

2. Herbie Hancock (Keyboards)

3. Chick Corea (Keyboards)

4. Weather Report-Wayne Shorter (Sax), Joe Zawinul (Keyboards)

First Fusion Albums

“In a Silent Way (1968)-Joe Zawinul and Herbie Hancock– Keyboards, John McLaughlin-Guitar


“Bitches Brew” (1969) Zawinul, Chick Corea and Larry Young- Keyboards


“Miles runs the voo-doo down”


Herbie Hancock

-With Miles Davis (1963-68)

Classicaly trained-degree in composition

-Oscar winning composer

-“Chameleon” Head Hunters



Chick Corea

-Played with Miles Davis

-Return to forever 1972

-“Light as a feather” Song “Spain”


Social Considerations

-Newport Jazz festival (1969) included pop and rock bands for the first time, attendance doubles

Miles Davis reacts tp sly and family stone and others

Some rock fans get into miles davis Bitches brew Album