Contemporary Jazz

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Musical Characteristics

1. Like fusion, heavy use of technology

2. Grew out of funky bop

3. More verse/chorus pop structures

4. More often instrumental- Use of ethnic percussion

5. Improvisation varies from some to extensive

Contemporary Jazz

Social Considerations

-Follows the first generation of fusion artists, more approachable

Contemporary Jazz

Brecker Brothers

1. Randy Brecker, Trumpet

2. Michael Brecker- Tenor Sax

3. Funk and rock based

4. Complex melody

Contemporary Jazz

Dave Weckl

1. Funk Drummer

2. Dave Weckl “Tower of Inspiration” Off of Master Plan (1990)

Inspired by Tower of Power

Contemporary Jazz ——>


1. Founded in 1981

2. Crossover between fusion and contemporary jazz

-“Clairs Song” (1985) Listened in class

Contemporary Jazz <——> Smooth Jazz

Spyro Gyra

“Morning Dance” (1978)- Sound of Carribean

*Listened to in class*

Smooth Jazz

Musical Characteristics

-Roots in pop/rock

-Usually Instrumental

-Little to no improvisation

Smooth Jazz

Social Considerations

1. Emphasis on commercial value rather than artistic growth

Smooth Jazz

Key Artists

1. Kenney G. Soprano Saxaphone

2. Russ Freema: The Rippingtons

3. David Benoit