Africana Dispora, Rhythm, Oral Tradition Vs. Western Europe Music System
Exam Questions
What is a Dispora?
A dispora refers to the dissemination of a people from their land of origin to the world.
How did it impact Western World, Espically its music?

Western Africa- Oral Traditions

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Western Europe- Systemized Traditions


African Rhythm Influences

1. Religion is Key

2. Ritual Expression

3. Dancing Rhythm

4. Not coded



5.Syncopation is extreme

Define Oral Tradition and Western European Tradition

Oral Tradition– Passings on cultural aesthetic story teller (Griots)

-Inefficent dissemination of ideas


-One on one

-Instand Feedback

-Emphasizes personal expression (Improvisation)


Systemized Tradition

-Uses a coded language (Music written out)

-Mentor is not essential

-Distribution is inefficent

-Minimal Feedback

-Expressive Qualities are not completely conveyed in code

-Imprivisation is not the core art form

Western Africa Vs. Western Europe Influence

Western Africa

1. Music and dance is vital to culture

2.Rhythm primary element

3. Polyrhythm complex

4. Syncopation extreme


Western Europe


2.Music and Dance cross cultural and social

3.Harmony and Melody are primary elements

4.Polyrhythms are simple if present at all


Improvisation is the creative use of resources. It plays an everyday role in our lives as it is personal expression. As it relates to Jazz, Improvisation is the essence of jazz.