Early Jazz

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Musical Characteristics

-Use of collective improvisation

-Two beat was popular in Chicago because of ragtime

-Trumpet and Clarinet are the lead melodic instruments

-Western European stylistic influcences includes marches and hymns

-Use of stop time is of the upmost importnace*


Early Jazz

Social Considerations

-style founded and developed by african american musicians

-new orleans is the principal birthplace for early jazz

-creoles havce french and african blood

-were offered western european education and were not used as slaves

-Storyville was the red light district that became the home of many different bands and clubs

-Strryville was shut down by us navy in 1917 and many musicians migrated north to chicago

-Funeral Processionals used jazz musicans and have 2 componets 1. mourninig and 2. celebration

Early Jazz

Key Atrists

Joe “King” Oliver (Trumpet Player)

-Band was called Creole Jazz band;Hired L.A in 1920 and composed song heard in class “Dippermouth Blues”

Louie Armstrong (Trumpet)

-Grew up around N.O; AKA Satchmo;Pioneered Stylistic Vocabulary of Jazz (Scatting)

Bix Biderbecke (Trumpet)

Considered on par with black artists

chicago style (Two Beat) Rag Influence; composed song in class “Someone Stole my Gal”


Joe “King” Oliver


N.O Vs. Chicago

New Orleans:

-Meldoy– trumpet, clarinet, trambone

Harmony-Banjo, Piano

Rhythm– Banjo , Drum

Bass- Tuba


Basically same as N.O

Only Differences

1. Add Tenor Saxaphone to melody

2. String Bass and Piano rep. Tuba and Banjo


After Storyville Where did Musicans go?
Chicago and New York
What style is most popular in Chiago and New Orleans?

N.O– “Flat Four” – Strongest-Banjo and Drums

Chicago- “Two Beatr”- Piano and Drums