Piano Styles-Ragtime and Boogie Woogie
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Musical Characteristics

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-On-beat left hand, right hand frequently played off or against the beat

-Heavy use polyrhythm

-Form of the rag is like classical rondo (Used in many marches): Refrain (A) alternating with episodes (B,C,D)

Ragtime Cont.

Social Considerations

-Associated with a slave dance, the cakewalk

Began as an oral tradition, improvised, while known rags are written down.

Many were recorded piano rolls, frequently enhanced with additional notes and faster speeds

Ragtime Cont.


Key Artist:

1. Scott Joplin

-Received more education

-Received royalties, white publisher John Stark

-Classical Composer

-First published in 1899

-Wrote an Opera Called Tremonisha


In Class Song-“Maple Leaf Rag”

Boogie Woogie
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Boogie Woogie

Musical Characteristics

-Strict, repetative rhythmic pattern in the left hand

Highly syncopated, improvised right hand

Built on 12 bar blues

Rougher, earthier than ragtime

Boogie Woogie Cont.

Social Considerations and Key Artists

-Likely built in East Texas

Played in Barrelhouses

Influences Kansay City rhythm & blues, later rock and roll

Key Artists:

Clarence “Pine-Top” Smith

Meade “Lux” Lewis