Hard Bop

Musical Characteristics

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-“Bebop” all grown up

-Harder Edge

-Faster Tempos

-More Complex

*Original Compositions*

 Hard Bop Cont.

Social Considerations

-Commerical Sucess with inclusion of funky style, while not abandoning bop

Hard Bop Cont.

Key Artists:

1. John Coltrane

-Tenor Sax

Played with Ellington, Gillespie, Monk and Davis

Strong hard bop style, Later “Sheets of sound”

“Giant Steps” (1959 Hard bop)

Kicks Heroine

Dedicates his music to god

-“A Love Supreme”

Art Blakely

Came up in Bop era

-Agressive, Explosive drummer

-Jazz Messangers

-Most Natably

1. Clifford Brown

2. Wayne Shorter

3. Wynton Marshalls

Hard Bop Cont.

Key Artists

-Miles Davis in the 1960s

Discontinues cool/modal style

Favors hard bop style

-Quintet-“7 steps to heaven” (1963)