Who was a grunge band that became famous during the nineties?
Swing Band was popular when?
Walk ths Way by Run DMC has styles of?
Hip-Hop, rock and heavy metal
Chuck Berry was a-
singer, songwriter and guitarist
The three biggest records during 1980’s were?
Graceland, Thriller, Born in the USA
Which one of these is NOT a soul singer?
The three that are: James Brown, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles
What invention helped bring a softer side to music?
Electronic microphone
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts club band had everything except-
it was NOT actually a live performance
The Beatles career contained this-
They broke up after ten years of touring
Who wrote “whats cookin good lookin”
Hank Williams
What was the first place for music to originate in NY?
Tin Pan Alley
Who was influential in folk and wrote “Blowin in the Wind?”
Bob Dylan
What did Bob Dylan do at the 1965 Newport Festival that shocked everyone?
Played with electrical amplification
Which was something that was NOT popular from Latin American music?
Fox trot (Other selections are mambo, tango, salsa)
Which of these was NOT a performer/singer (or something like that)
James Reese Europe
Country and Western and Rhythm and Blues came from which two forms?
Hillbilly and race music
Who were two major disco performers?
Chic and Donna Summers
Why did swing band become unpopular after WWII?
It became difficult to put large bands together because so many people were off fighting/Economic factors made it difficult to travel during wartime
Phil Spektor made what kind of music?
“A Wall of Sound”
Hillbilly music was marketed to who?
rural whites, urban whites, african americans
Stephen Foster is know for…
Parlor songs
Tin Pan Alley had different …
songwriters, musicians, composers etc.
Which was NOT one of the big artists of the 80’s?
Lauryn Hill
The typical path of 60’s bands (beach boys and the beatles) was:
master the current styles, expand on those styles with original pieces, create completely new music
What was the ultimate “live” band that would have long jams?
The Grateful Dead
Who revolutionized teh guitar?
What instrument was used by blues artists?
The Guitar
“My Blue Heaven”
-Sung by Gene Austin
-Crooning style on the Electronic microphone
-Tin Pan Alley
-Two part verse-refrain form
-AABA style
-the lyrics represent the American dream
“Choo Choo Ch’Boogie”
-Sung by Louis Jordan
-Jump blues style of R&B
-12 bar blues verse, alternating with 8 bar chorus
-Combines African American music and Tin Pan Alley
-About man back from war looking for work, hopping freight trains from city to city looking for work
“Ove Coma Va”
-Blues, salsa, rock all played a contributing factor in his music
-fluid lead guitar