Bill Monroe
Played Mandolin- acoustic, virtuoso player, “churchy” harmonies, fast solos, high “tenor” singer, made up of mandolin, banjo, guitar, fiddle, bass, choreography around a single microphone. “blue grass genre” (Bill Monroe and the bluegrass boys)
Carter Family
“keep on the sunny side” maybelle, sarah, a.p. carter
banjo technique from Africa, learned by minstrel performers
composed by Dan Emmett-minstrel banjo player
Earl Scruggs
banjo player- 3 finger style of playing-fast, inventive, loud, driving. “scruggs style” banjo playing
Elevation of the banjo
1880-1900 beautifully decorated instruments, method books, concert hall, performances, competitions. Sponsored by instrument companies
Grand Ol’ Opry
“strictly clean and decent” started incorporating cowboy music out of nashville-became center of country music
Hank Williams
C star 1922-1953-deceptively simple-young alcoholic, died on new years eve on his way to a gig
southern, illiterate, alcoholic, mindless, foolish, ill-fitting clothes etc.
Jump Jim Crow
minstrel character-segregation laws named from him.
main taylor from nashville- made C stars cowboy suits
Tommy Jarrell
fiddle and banjo player- Mt. Airy, N.C.–highway worker, moonshiner, fiddle in smithsonian last
***Analogy Used in Movie**
tommy’s sister talked about old sticky table clothes
Fiddlin John Carson
first country music recording-1923
broadcasted from mexico-pirate radio- selling junk. Jimmy rodgers was a musician played on there.
AIM-American Inian Movement
organization that became the reps of red-power movement
Drum group
(a drum) large northern plains style of music making, everyone has single drum stick around huge drum
Ghost dance
originated with the Payo people in death valley-diffused through north america-came from a vision by wokboka(shaman)-involved praying and discipline-if done right, ther lives would be perfect(buffalo, no more white man, invincible)
practice rituals performed by other tribes(ghost dance)
Pine Ridge
large lakota reservation in south dakota. lowest life expectancy of any community in north america.
weekend long celebration about socializing- music and dance are essential
Terraced Melodic contour
melodic contour(shape of melody) starts high and then descends and then starts high again(not as high) then descends-Lakota songs have specific-AABCBC
Tom Bee
native american rock musician and record producer-XIT
nonsense syllable
Payu medicine man who had vision for ghost dance
Stephen Foster
american composer(old susana) made a living writing for minstrel
African prototype of the banjo
minstrel shows
mid 19th century traveling shows that portrayed racist stereotype.
wounded knee
site of massacre that ended the “indian wars” people gathered together to do ghost dance
band stands for crossing of indian tribes-was tom Bee’s Band