Igor Stravinsky
-the rite of spring
-ballet music
Arnold Schoenberg
-moon fleck-chamber music
-influenced by Bramns & Wagner
Bela Bartok
-interrupted intermezzo
Edgard Varese
-“electric poem”
Claude Debussy
-prelude to the afternoon of a fawn
-symphonic poem
Louis Armstrong
-“what a wonderful world” && “hello dolly”
Charlie Parker
-“ko ko”
-bebop jazz
William Grant Still
-“afro-american symphony”
Amy Beach
-“ah, love, but a day”
-american art song
William Billings
-“when jesus wept”
-american fuging tone
Dizzy Gillespie
John Cage
-“sonata V from sonatas and interludes for prepared piano”
-solo piano music
Scott Joplin
-“maple leaf rag”
-piano rag
Miles Davis
-american trumpeter
-“miles runs the voodoo down”
Duke Ellington
-it dont mean a thing if it aint got that swing
-swing jazz
Stephen Foster
-“jeanie with the light brown hair”
-american popular song
Phillip Glass
-“company, second movement”
-string orchestra music
Terry Riley
-“In C”
Charles Ives
-“the unanswered question”
-chamber orchestra
Henry Cowell
-“the banshee”
-solo piano music
Leonard Bernstein
-“america from west side story”
-american musical
Bessie Smith
-“lost your head blues”
-classic blues
Aaron Copeland
-“Fanfare for the common man”
-brass percussion & fanfare
George Gershwin
-“Rhapsody in Blue”
-music for piano & orchestra
Steve Reich
-“Electric Counterpart, 3rd movement”
-guitar ensemble
Ellen Tatte Zwilich
-“Symphony no.1, first movement”