The Baroque era lasted from — to —
A passionate expression of affections can describe what era?
A group of music intellectuals who wanted to marry music and text perfectly
The Florentine Camerata
Multiple choirs of for or more voices/instruments were characteristics of —
Venetian polychordal music
— was the center of activity, both secular and sacred
— was a famous organist, teacher, and composer; wrote many pieces for St. Mark’s basilica
Giovanni Gabrielli
A piece that is meant to be played and not sung
The term — actually means odd, irregular, rough, or uneven
— is the first known book (psalter) printed in America (1640)
Bay Psalm Book
What era had the first known opera house and public performances for entertainment?
— – Polyphonic composition with 2-6 melodic lines
A — was a popular renaissance lute or keyboard song, but turned into a virtuoso for harpsichord or organ solo
Type of music where everyone plays a different instrument and piece
Chamber ensemble
— were solo pieces with orchestral accompaniment
— was a concerto for multiple soloist
Concerto grosso
— was the choir master at St. Marks
Claudio Monteverdi
— were used for dramatic effects
Polyphonic texture, music dominates text, church music are all parts of the —
First Practice
Homophonic, text dominates music, secular songs are all parts of the —
Second practice
The use of tones from chromatic scale became more freely