Period of Rebirth
Renaissance Era
Giobanni Palestrain- Composer
Renaissance Era

Rhythmic and melodic continutiy

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melody and rhythm repeat throughout piece

Baroque Era

Strong use of Figured bass and

basso continuo

Baroque Era

terraced dynamics

adding or subtracting insturs. to increase or decrease dynamics.

Baroque Era

Johann Bach


Baroque Era

musical family

master organist

George Handel

Baroque Era

German born – English composer


Antonio Vivaldi

Baroque Era

“The four seasons”

Strong adherence to form

including: sonata-allegra, rondo


theme and variations

Classical Era

Use of simple rhythms with

rhythmic variety

Classical Era

Simple melodies with major

or minor tonality

Classical Era
Wolfgang Mozart

Classical Era

child prodigy

tremendous influence on musical world.

Franz Haydn

Classical Era

lifelong composer to Eszterhazy family

father of the classical symphony

Ludwig von Beethoven

Classical Era

Primarily classical composer

written famous pieces (symphonies 5 & 9)

Larger Works

longer in length and more instruments used

Romantic Era

Extreme dynamics

used to reflect emotions and mood

Romantic Era

Major/Minor tonality very prevalent along with

much use of chromaticism and

dissonance to create mood and texture.

Romantic Era
Puccini & Verdi

Romantic Era

Known for their operas

Franz Schubert

Romantic Era

had a tremendous outpouring of German Lieder

Gustav Mahler

Romantic Era

grand, large scale works

Symphony of 1000

Anything goes form of musical expression
Contemp. 20th Century Era

Open tonality

abondoning tonality altogether

Contemp. 20th Century Era

many different rhythms

simple and compound


Contemp. 20th Century Era

Experimentaion with new musical ideas

(jazz, folk)


Contemp. 20th Century Era
Major Influences on 20th century music


electronic instrus. and synthesizers

amplification/mics and amplifers

Philip Glass

Contemp. 20th Century Era

well known for his movie scores and unsual large scale works.

John Cage

most controversial work


Billie Holiday

Contemp. 20th Century Era

considered one of the greastest jazz vocalits of all times.

Louis Armstrong

Contemp. 20th Century Era

jazz trumpeter and singer

Charles Ives

Contemp. 20th Century Era

well known for his unusual song style