Full names of all composers.
1) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
2) Ludwig van Beethoven
3) Antonio Lucio Vivaldi
4) Johann Sebatian Bach
The elements of music.
Rhythm-the beat of a song
Melody-different pitches combined together
Tempo-how fast or slow the speed of music
Timbre-the quality of the music
Dynamics-the volume
5 words to explain speed.
Largo-very slow
Presto-fast, rapid
Alegro- moderatley fast
The instrument families.
Why are music families important?
Music familie are important because it seperates the instruments to the way you play them and what they are made of.
How many beats does each note have?
Half note dot…
Quarter note…
Half note…
Whole note…
Eighth note…
3 beats
1 beat
2 beats
4 beats
8 beats
Beethovens famous pieces…
Moonlight sonata(3 movements)
Fur Elise
Symphony no. 5 1st movement
Mozarts famous pieces…
Turkish march->sonata
The Magic Flute (ARIA)
Twinkle twinkle little star
Vivaldis famous pieces…
Four Seasons
Bachs famous pieces…
Toccata and Fugue
What musical eras were the composers from?
Bach-Baroque 17c
Vivaldi-Baroque 17c
Beethoven-Classical 18c
Mozart-Classical 18c
Where were thes composers born?
Whatnis folklore (music)?
People keeping and passing down their heritage ( through music).
What does it mean to improvise?
To create on the spot but you have to have an idea of what is going to happen.
What are the jazz styles throughout the years?
Ragtime, Blues, Big Band, Swing, Boogie Woogie, Scat Singing, Modern Jazz, Gospel
What is the difference between motive and theme?
Motive-what you are trying to get at. The smallest hut most important part.

Theme-the main idea of the whole piece