Blind Lemon Jefferson
20s Guitar Country Blues
Robert Johnson
30s Guitar Country Blues
Gertrude Ma Rainy
20s and 30s Voice Classic Blues
Bessie Smith
20s Voice Classic Blues
Muddy Waters
50s Guitar Urban Blues
Little Richard
40s and 50s Piano R&B
James Brown
50s and 60s Voice R&B
Chuck Berry
40s and 50s Guitar R&B
Charlie Watts
60s Drums Rolling Stones Rock n Roll
Brain Jones
60s Lead Guitar Rolling Stones Rock n Roll
Dick Taylor
60s Bass Rolling Stones Rock n Roll
Keith Moon
60s Drummer Rolling Stones Rock n Roll
Roger Daltrey
60s Vocals The Who Rock n Roll
John Entwistle
60s Bass The Who Rock n Roll
Syd Barrett
70s Vocals Pink Floyd
Dave Gilmor
70s Guitar Pink Floyd
Roger Waters
70s Bass Pink Floyd
Nick Mason
70s Drums Pink Floy
Richard Wright
70s Keyboards Pink Floyd
Robert Plant
70s Vocals Led Zep
Jimmie Page
70s Guitar Led Zep
John Paul Jones
70s Bass Led Zep
John Bonham
70s Drums Led Zep
Dicky Betts Allman
70s ??? Allman Brothers Band
Duane Allman
70s ??? Allman Brothers Band (Died)
Ronnie Van Zont
70s Vocals Lynyrd Skynyrd
Gary Rossington
70s Guitar Lynyrd Skynryd
Allen Collins
70s Guitar Lynyrd Skynryd
Ed King
70s Guitar Lynyrd Skynryd
Leon Wilkenson
70s Bass Lynyrd Skynryd
Billy Powell
70s Keyboards Lynyrd Skynryd
Bob Burns
70s Drums Lynyrd Skynryd
Glen Frey
70s Guitar Vocals Keyboard Eagles
Bernie Leadon
70s Guitar Eagles
Randy Meisner
70s Bass Eagles
Don Henly
70s Drums Eagles
Jeffery Hyman
70s Vocals Ramones
Joey Ramone
John Cummings
70s Guitar Ramons
Johnny Ramone
Douglas Colvin
70s Bass Ramones
Dee Dee Ramone
Tome Erdelyi
70s Drums Ramones
Tommy Ramone
John Lydon
70s Vocals Sex Pistols
Steve Jones
70s Guitar Sex Pistols
Glen Matlock
70s Bass Sex Pistols
Johnny Rotten
Vocals Sex Pistols
Sid Vicious
Bass Sex Pistols
Paul Cook
70s Drums Sex Pistols
Joe Strummer
70s Vocals Clash
Mick Jones
70s Guitar Clash
Paul Simon
70s Bass Clash
Nicky Header
70s Drums Clash
Lou Reed
70s Vocals Velvet Underground
Christa Paffge
Vocals Velvet Underground
John Calc
70s Electric Violin Velvet Underground
Sterling Morrison
70s Guitar Velvet Underground
Maureen Tucker
70s Drums Velvet Underground
Freddie Mercury
80s Vocals Queen
Brian May
80s Guitar Queen
John Deacon
80s Bass Queen
Rodger Meddow-Taylor
80s Drums Queen
John Osbourn
70s Vocalist Black Sabboth
Tony Iommi
70s Guitar Black Sabboth
Terry Bulter
70s Bass Black Sabboth
Bill Ward
70s Drums Black Sabboth
Vincent Furier
70s Vocals Alice Cooper
Glen Buxton
70s Guitar Alice Cooper
Dennis Dunaway
70s Bass Alice Cooper
Micheal Bruce
70s Guitar+ Keys Alice Cooper
Neal Smith
70s Drums Alice Cooper
Angus Young
70s Guitar AC/DC
Malcom Young
70s Guitar AC/DC
Bon Scott
70s Vocals AC/DC
Mark Evens
70s Bass AC/DC
Phil Rudd
70s Drums AC/DC
Paul Stanley
70s Vocals Kiss
Gene Simmons
70s Bass Kiss
Ace Freshley
70s Lead Guitar Kiss
Peter Criss
70s Drums Kiss