underlying pulse of 8 BPM, 4 beats per measure, based on 12 Bar Blues, repetitive patterns
Country and Western
underlying pulse of 8 BPM, electric guitar, simple harmony
Rhythm and Blues
12 Bar Blues, shouting vocals, electric guitar
Honking Sax
Used in Rhythm & Blues
Electric Guitar
used in R&B and Country and Western music
associated with R&R ballads, given to music of harmonized vocal groups
more on country side of Rock and Roll
Hiccup singing
stuttering while singing, imitated by many, made famous by Elvis
recording tracks separately, whole ensemble did not record at same time
Brill Building
hit factory in NY, founded by Don Kirshner and Al Nevins
girl groups
dominated Brill Building, sang about boys, mostly 3-4 singers
teen idols
boys taken off the street, made into stars, “boys next door”, Philadelphia
twist (dance)
stand in one place (static), could be by oneself, with a partner or with a group (3 levels)
hand-clap rhythm
keeping the rhythm with claps, drums or other instruments
string octet
used by the Beatles in “Eleanor Rigby”
folk music
popular with different groups from 1940’s-1960’s
protest music
written by Woodie Guthrie during Depression, helped form Labor Unions
folk rock
used love and LSD as solutions to the world’s problems, ambiguous lyrics, Dylan
rock music as an art form, used by the Beatles in Sgt. Pepper album
acid rock
inspired by LSD, very loud, Jimi Hendrix
Indian version of guitar
static music
Twist and Shout” by Isley Brothers, same two measures repeating
Atlantic/Memphis Soul Music
not as slick as Motown, spontaneous, Gospel
Motown Music
founded by Berry Gordy, music optimized for car radios
invented by James Brown, based on underlying pulse of 16 BPM
Choke Guitar and Broken Bass
describe playing with gaps between notes and chords
Rubber Soul
landmark Beatles album, French, Classical and Indian music, experimental
– ideas of experimentation given by George Martin, imaginative Beatles album
Sgt. Pepper
ultimate “Rock as Art” album, meant to be heard in order, had huge effect on youth culture