Arsenio Rodrigues
blind electric tres player, band leader
ruben gonzalez
piano player for arsenio rodrigues
sacred drum of Santeria
small pair of drums, always as a set
section in the rumba where the vocal portion of the song that is usually improvised
Celia Cruz
band leader in Havana in the 1950’s. Singer, directed and conducted in the HayDay of the Cuban music, few female band leaders/stars of popular cuban music
pair of sticks, also the rhythm this is played with this instrument is essential in Cuban music
long cuban drum, part of rumba, Aresenio Rod made it the central rhythmic voice of “son”
shared collection of habits
half sung, half spoken intro to the rumba and modern day salsa
cultures move from boundary to boudary
record company in new york, responsible for putting cuban music back on everyone’s screen. Came up with the term “salsa”
idea that healthy societies are like healthy bodies. Have boundaries and all must be working together to be healthy
song style from eastern cuba. rural style country music
Capital of Cuba. “Son” developed.
call and response
rural mountainous small farm area. southeasten area part of cuba. small tobacco farmers are predominant population
Yoruba god
street dance style developed in havana in 19th and 20th century. Elements became part of song
Ry Cooder
American record producer, went to cuba found these old musicians (Buena Vista), opened up salsa and song to mainstream middle class americans
marketing term for son developed in New York by record company
syncretic religion of cuba, combines Yoruba and Catholicism
seven musicians, especially includes the trumpet
chief orisha or Yoruba religion, west african thunder god
whole stream of cuban (and Camerican) music in American music
idea of culture affects the mind
syncretic religion
combines elements of two very different cultures into something new(catholic and yoruba)
Tito Puente
huge star of salsa music in NY 60’s-90’s. fania recording star and band leader
(inside to out) music, performers, audience, community, history.
titon music-culture onion model.
type of guitar from cuba. essential element
largest ethnic group in west africa, culture in new orleans
Nova Scotia, Canada( Nova Scotia means “new scotland”)
Ame’de’ Ardoin
revolutionized the accordion during the 1920’s and 30’s. Was part of the first “professional” cajun black/white duo
back beat
four beat pattern accented on beats 2 and 4, essential beat of rock
Balfa Brothers
post WWII cajun musicians, responsible for the rebirth of Cajun music(renaissance), went to Newport folk festival in 1964 caused huge sensation. Caused cajun music to be considered american contemporary music
adaption from the word Acadian
cajun culture revival
period after WWII where the rebirth of pride and excitement around cajun music
old fashioned rhythm played on the accordion in cajun music
Clifton Chenier
first big star of Zydeco music, creole accordion player(piano accordion), played song “beans aren’t salted” in the 50’s
lived in Louisiana before Cajuns got there. French speaking people of mixed races. means great
Dennis McGee
amede ardion partner, cajun fiddle played, traveled in the 1930’s and played his whole life
corrugated metal vest in the zydeco music, rubbed bottle openers on it, used for percussion
Hackberry Ramblers
guys that got rid of accordion and chanky chank, added strings(extra fiddles, guitars, string bass)
Les haricots sont pas sale
“beans have no salt”, hit song by Clifton Chenire, gave the genre Zydeco it’s name in the 1950’s
Newport Folk Festival
huge folk festival in rhode island
Nova Scotia
renamed by english, means “new scotland”, originally Acadia
Petit fer(‘tit fer)
triangle, essential percussion instrument
Southwest Louisiana
know where it is, cajun culture developed and thrived
texas style
music of assimilationist cajun music, Hackberry ramblers
WWII generation
musicians who started the rebirth of cajun music who were returning vets
genre of music developed by Chanier and other creole musicians. got the name from the song “beans aren’t salted”. often electrified(piano and back beats)